Update as at 6 Jul 2017

The URL to view NUS’ procurement opportunities in SESAMi has been changed to

Update as at 13 Jun 2017

The revised date for NUS to host all procurement opportunities on NUS' eProcurement System is 21 Jul 2017.

Migration out of GeBIZ

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has been transitioning our procurement progressively out of GeBIZ to our own eProcurement System, provided by SESAMi with effect from 3 May 2017.

For the period 3 May 2017 to 30 Jun 2017, suppliers would need to check both GeBIZ and SESAMi for procurement opportunities by NUS. Please visit https://sesami.com.sg/nus/Login.jsp to view NUS’ procurement opportunities in SESAMi.

To minimize this inconvenience, suppliers are advised to subscribe to the business alert service provided by GeBIZ and SESAMi. Updates on NUS migration will be published here, where available.

Only suppliers who have registered with SESAMi will be able to download invitation documents and respond to our procurement opportunities. Interested suppliers please visit https://sesami.online/SupplierRegistration/IntroductionNUS.aspx to register for an account. The first user account is free, if your company requires additional user accounts, it will be chargeable. This is similar to GeBIZ. Existing SESAMi account holders who are registered with another company will still be required to register for an account under NUS.

Please email contactcpo@nus.edu.sg or call Miss Chew Shu Jen at 6601 5767 if you need clarifications on the GeBIZ migration. For enquiries on registration with SESAMi, please email customercare@sesami.com or call 63331188 (Helpline option 2).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why are NUS’ procurements no longer published or carried out in GeBIZ?

A1: NUS is an autonomous university and corporatised entity. It is more efficient and effective for such entities to procure on their own platforms in that they can tailor-make their platforms to suit their procurement needs.


Q2: Will NUS procurement be governed by the Government procurement regime?

A2: NUS is an autonomous university, incorporated in Singapore as a public company limited by guarantee, and is governed by the National University of Singapore (Corporatisation) Act. NUS formulates and maintains its own procurement policy which is separate from the government procurement policy framework applicable to government agencies such as ministries and statutory boards. However, NUS is still covered under Government Procurement Regulations.