PGP House

Key Features

Academic Modules

Freshmen can enjoy the convenience of taking 2 academic modules (GER Quantitative Reasoning and GEQ Asking Questions) with fellow residential mates on residence.

Frugal Innovation & Sustainable Living

PGP House empowers residents to innovate solutions for the betterment of community and needy through frugal innovation initiatives, adopting frameworks of service learning and sustainable living.

Peer Mentorship Programme

Freshmen can receive academic and student life-related guidance from a selected group of dedicated seniors from various faculties and departments.

Interest Groups

With interest groups ranging from sports and culture to baking, there is something for everyone. Residents are also welcomed to propose new interest groups to pursue and share their passion and interests.

Scholar-in-Residence Programme

Distinguished overseas educators will periodically visit and live in PGP House, providing opportunities for residents to interact with and learn from.

Upcoming Events

21 Jan'19

Welcome Fest

PGPR Multi-Purpose Hall  /  7.00pm - 9.00pm


12 Feb'19

Mid-Semester Event

PGPR Multi-Purpose Hall  /  7.00pm - 9.00pm