Office of Safety, Health & Environment

Past Safety OSHE Events

Date Name of Event Organising Dept Contact Details
22 October 2009 CeLS- BCMM safety Day Centre for life sciences Sini Mathew, oshsm
2 October 2009 Civil Engineering Safety and Health Day 2009 Civil Engineering Choy Moon Nien, cvecmn
25 September 2009 Science Safety Day 2009 Faculty of Science Syam Kumar Prabhakaran, sciskp
24 September 2009 FoE's Annual Faculty Safety & Health Day Faculty of Engineering Edwin Chan, engckle
22 September 2009 ESE Safety, Health and Environment Day (SHED) 2009 Environmental Science and Engineering Tan Eng Hin, Michael, esetaneh
14 August 2009 Dept of Surgery Safety Day Dept of Surgery Tham Sin Mun, surtsm
13 August 2009 Physics Safety Day Dept of Physics Teo Hoon Hwee, phyteohh
11 August 2009 DBS Safety Day Dept of Biological Science Mok Lim Sum, dbsmls
4-5 August 2009 Safety & Health Awareness Week 2009 Anatomy Chan Yee Gek, antcyg
29 July 2009 Pharmacy Safety Day Dept of Pharmacy Eric Chan, phaccye