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Frequently Asked Questions by Freshman


Is it mandatory for me to participate in Freshman Orientation Programmes (FOP)?

While is it not mandatory to participate in FOP, you are strongly encouraged to attend to get to know your peers and seniors who can give insights and advice to student life and resources in NUS.

What is the purpose of FOP?

The purpose of Freshman Orientation is to welcome you to NUS and induct you through purposeful programmes and enjoyable activities into the intellectual culture, social environment and values of the NUS community to support and equip you for academic and personal success.

I’m interested in Freshman Orientation Camp (FOC), how do I know if I’m eligible?

Each FOC has different participation criteria. The FOP camps fall under four categories:

Type of FOP Camps

Who can participate?

Example of FOP Camps


For freshmen enrolling into the respective faculty/schools

Arts Camp (FASS)

Halls & Residential Colleges (RC)

For all freshmen offered a place in the respective hostels

Eusoff Hall Engagement/ Orientation Camp

NUS Student Union (NUSSU) & Clubs

For all freshmen

Union Camp , Sports Camp, Community Service Club Camp, Cultural Activities Club Camp

Societies & Interest Groups

For all freshmen

Muslim Society FOC, History Immersion Camp, Bachelor of Environmental Studies Programme Freshman Orientation Camp


When and where are the various FOPs held?

FOPs are held from 1st June until Week 0 in early August. All activities will commence on campus, but some games will be out of university. See full list of activities.

Where do I register for the various FOPs?

You can register via links at the respective websites or email the project directors. Their email addresses and sign-up links are in the FOP calendar.

I cannot attend the full duration of a FOP due to prior commitment.  Can I still sign up for the FOP?

Please check with the respective FOP organiser.

If my family needs to get in touch with me for an unexpected emergency, is there a number they can call?

Please obtain the emergency contact number from the FOP organiser.

I have been offered a place in the hostel.  However, the FOP is before the official check-in date.  Can I continue my stay in the hostel after the FOP?

Please check with your allocated hostel to see if they accommodate your early check-in request.

How do I identify my Orientation Leaders?

All Orientation Leaders wear an official FOP badge lanyard at all times during FOP. 

How do I identify other Orientation Leader roles in the FOP?

All Orientation Leaders wear the official FOP lanyard at all times. Safety Officers and First Aiders will have a tag on their lanyard (see visuals). Other roles will depend on individual camps.

Will there be any NUS Staff during the duration of the Orientation Camps?

Staffs from Office of Student Affairs (OSA) will be going around the activity ground during the day programme. You can identify them with the OSA Polo-Shirt, FOP Lanyard and NUS Staff Pass. (see visual)

If I am in distress at any point of the FOP activity, who should I go to?

You may approach either the Dean of Students, Office of Student Affairs, NUS Student Union (NUSSU), Camp Safety Officers or Staff Advisor. See contact list.