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SG Kaki & Host Programme

To help in your transition into NUS and Singapore, tap on our pool of hosts and NUS student buddies to help you navigate your way.

 In local colloquial Malay-Hokkien context, “kaki” means buddy.

Since 2009, we have been organising cultural immersion programmes for international students like yourself! Pair with a senior and make new friends through this Student Buddy Programme (or SG KAKI). Be sure to learn new cultures, get firsthand tips on living and studying in NUS.



"The programme made me step out of my comfort zone to initiate conversations."
Gladwin Ho, Year 2 Undergraduate
31 July, 1 Aug & 18 Aug

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For more information on the SG KAKI Student Buddy Programme, contact Amalia at or visit i.Care Facebook Page.


Our hosts are adult volunteers who come from all walks of life; they include NUS alumni and staff who are Singaporeans. Our volunteers have hosted our International Students for the last 10 years. They are committed to making our new international students feel a sense of warm and home.

So look forward to a meaningful time getting to know Singapore’s culture, life and work.



"I would like to thank Mr and Mrs. Ngiam for being my host family. They are very nice and approachable. As a foreign student, I feel very lucky and enjoy the opportunity to be with them."
Yun Pang, Undergraduate  

For more information about the Host Programme, please contact Hyzue at at