Hall Modules

Introduction to Hall Modules

Ever since the founding of the halls, hall residents have actively participated in co-curricular activities and programmes that helped students develop teamwork, leadership qualities, and learning beyond the classroom, while at the same time capitalize on the experience of living within a shared community.  In order to provide a learning experience for students in a more systematic and effective way, hall modules that carry modular credits were conceptualized.

The learning approach adopted in the hall modules focuses on the application of theories and knowledge through experiential learning, thinking critically about the philosophy behind practice, reflecting on the learning process, and leveraging on interaction with the residential community in building knowledge in a meaningful way.

Join us for an even more enriching living/learning experience.

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Eusoff Hall: GEK1066/GEH1041 Engaging the Natural Environment in ASEAN

Raffles Hall: GEK1065/GEH1040 Exploration in Musical Production

Temasek Hall: GEH1063 Understanding Body, Mind and Culture through Sport

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