Get Started

Registering and renewing your portal


Start a New Student Organisation

NUS has over 200 official student organisations and students have a variety of ways to get involved. Before starting a new student organisation, you would want to find out if there is a similar student organisation offering the same intention. Check out the directory here.

In order for a sustainable student organisation, we have implemented guidelines on the formation of a new student interest group (IG).

Initial Step: Registration Discussion

The Executive Committee (ExCO) will need to contact and meet the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to discuss on the following topics;

  1. Name of Proposed Student IG
  2. Objective of IG
  3. Proposed events
  4. Sustainability plan

Email to for more information.



Register / Renew your Student Organisation

As an existing student organisation, you will need to perform the following processes:

  1. Register new student organisation OR renew existing student organisation portals on NUSync
  2. Update student committee positions in your portal
  3. Manage student committee’s administrative access to NUSync 
Download NUSync User Guide for Student Leaders