Event Approvals


Approvals for Event Proposals 

You would be required to submit your event proposals at least six (6) weeks prior to the start of your events to your staff advisor for approval. All approvals will be submitted and approved via NUSync.

Approving Offices and its designated Staff Advisors for the respective student groups are as follows: 

Student Groups Approving Office(s)
NUSSU and all its committees Office of Student Affairs (OSA) 
Community Service Club Office of Student Affairs (OSA)
Political Association Office of Student Affairs (OSA)
Sports Club and its member clubs Office of Student Affairs (OSA)
Cultural Activities Club and its sub clubs Centre for the Arts (CFA)
Faculty Clubs and its sub clubs Faculty 
NUS Students Registered Societies NUS Departments or
Office of Student Affairs (OSA)
Halls and RCs Student Groups Halls & RCs 
Interest Groups NUS Departments or 
Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

Approvals for Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and agreements can only be signed by the Dean of Students for all documents relating to NUSSU & Non-Faculty Club matters. Signing of Agreements has to be submitted to Dean of Students through the Staff Advisors. The Dean of the respective Faculties will be the signatory for documents relating to Faculty Clubs.