DOS Update #11 - Ambulance in the Night

7 February 2020 

Dear Students : 

  1. According to MOH, Singapore has moved up its response to the 2019-nCoV outbreak to DORSCON Orange. In response, we will be stepping up precautionary measures such as introducing temperature screening and reviewing protocols for classes and events.
  2. I am so very pleased to tell you that as at 6 pm, three students have completed their Quarantine Orders (QO).
  3. We have three remaining at the GQF. All are well and have no symptoms.
  4. Last night, an ambulance was called to campus. A student on LOA needed some medical attention that was not virus-related - she is well and has since been discharged.

I have asked to be notified each time an ambulance is called to NUS. In recent weeks, this has happened a few times, incidents unrelated to the 2019-nCoV, and the students were discharged quickly.

Each time an ambulance comes, students get worried, rumours would fly. The recent cases, and without going into too much detail to protect the privacy of the students - were all not virus-related. 

I would inform the Masters or Resident Advisors ASAP.

Each time I am able to do so I breathe a sigh of relief. 

But I also hold my breath. 

This road is a long one yet. 

A/P Leong Ching 
NUS Dean of Students 


As captured on CCTV on 6 February, 7.41p.m. Outside of office hours, resident staff will call upon an ambulance for students who require urgent medical attention. So far, the ambulance service is for non-virus-related issues.  Photo: OHS