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Master's Message

Dear Housemates,

We are delighted about you joining the PGP House family. On behalf of the entire team at PGP House, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

Building a Connected Community

PGP House promotes a familial and inclusive environment for residents. Your significant networks and micro-cultures manifesting within PGP House will create unique living experience for everyone.

I encourage you to have regular engagements with your respective Block Resident Fellows, Resident Assistants, Peer Mentors/Cluster Leaders, and to build good relationships with your fellow cluster mates.

In addition, do participate actively in the wide variety of activities offered here, which I believe will greatly enrich your experience of staying on campus.

Building a Civil-minded Culture

For a community to thrive and succeed, shared values among its members are critical and I would like for us, in particular, to be considerate and kind towards self and others.

Be mindful to observe Quiet Hours (i.e. 11pm to 7am) and show consideration to your fellow residents by not making any noises in and around the House during the stipulated timing.

Please help to maintain the cleanliness and upkeep of shared spaces such as Cluster Commons, toilets and study rooms.

Do extend help to your fellow residents when they are in need, and always choose to be a peacekeeper.


Building a Compassionate Citizen

In keeping with our theme of Frugality and Sustainability, I would like to encourage residents to consider how we can make a difference to our community and contribute to society.

Frugality stems from the concept of Frugal Innovation, which is to innovate solutions for the betterment of society and needy while adopting the frameworks of service learning and sustainable living.

For instance, a team of residents had traveled to Chennai (India) in January 2018 and visited a village to find out more about the needs and challenges faced by its community. During this visit, they had to derive simple and sustainable solutions to help address the challenges faced by the people residing in these places.

Frugal innovation is only a means to an end, but more importantly, I hope that each resident will grow in compassion and care for the world that we live in.

Lastly, I aim to meet each one of you during the Dining-with-Master sessions. We wish to reach out to everyone and for nobody to be left behind.

Looking forward to connecting with you.


Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat,

Associate Professor and Master of PGP House, NUS.

Tel: 66016371; Email: