Hostel & Meal Plan Rates

NUS hostels fees are reviewed and adjusted periodically to reflect the cost of providing housing to students.  The revenues collected from hostel fees are expected to meet the operating cost, in particular the cyclical maintenance and repair cost of our hostels. For more information of the latest hostel rates review, please click here.

Please note that the hostel rates for rooms at UTown Residence and Colleges are not inclusive of utilities charges arising from the usage of the air conditioning unit. A separate charge is applicable via a prepaid or “Pay as You Use” scheme. The hostels reserve the right to charge miscellaneous fees such as registration fee, year book fee, etc to its residents. For more information on these fees, please contact the Hostel Management Office.

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Duration of Stay

Non-Graduating (Exchange or Non-Exchange) students applying or registering for an accommodation will be eligible for an initial stay period of 1 semester. Those who are continuing or extending their NUS studies for another semester will be offered an extension of stay at a later date. You will be notified of your 2nd semester accommodation via your NUS email before the end of the semester.

Vacation Stay is optional and a separate application is required. For information on the vacation stay, please click here.

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