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Peer Student Supporters Recruitment

You don't need to be an expert to be a friend. Join our friendly team and be a there for someone in need of a listening ear.


Join us a Peer Student Supporter

The Peer Student Supporters (PSS) Programme is an initiative by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) – Student Support Services (S3). PSS will be equipped with the necessary basic helping skills to befriend and support their peers who are in need and guide them to the appropriate help and resources available. Before applying learn more about us HERE.

Role of a PSS

  • To provide a listening ear at the PitStop@YIH
  • To work closely with Student Support Services to organise wellness outreach events to promote self-care and community-care
  • To guide peers to the appropriate help and resources available on campus

Note: PSSs are not counsellors

Training includes:

  • Understanding of self and self-care
  • Introduction to peer helping and basic mental health literacy
  • Peer Support skills: Active listening, Expressing empathy and Asking coping questions


  • Provide peer support at the PitStop@YIH: an average of 3 hours every week (during term times)
  • Connect, Engagement and Equipping Session: 2 hours every two/three weeks
  • Organise outreach activities and programmes

Application Process:

  • Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interview
  • Submit your application by clicking on the button below 

Email us at to find out more about the PSS Programme. 

Follow us @nus.pss

Htet Yamin Aung

"It is important that students feel part of the NUS community and are reassured that we do not have to face our struggles alone. We, as Peer Student Supporters, do just that by forming a support network that our peers can count on."

- Htet Yamin Aung

Peer Student Supporter, AY2018/20