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Kent Vale Eco Warriors 2014

19 Mar 2014

Kent Vale Eco Warriors 2014

NUS has always been a big advocate of sustainability. Sustainability is important because all the choices we pursue and all the actions that we make today, will affect everything in the future.

Back when we were in school in the 80’s, global warming and sustainability were not emphasized as much as it is today. How we wish they had shared more information with us back then, because today the earth is facing global warming and climate.

But it’s never too late to start and with that, the OHS marketing team conceptualized and planned a Go Green campaign called ‘Eco Warriors’.

So here are the event details – 35 residents comprising of 20 children and 15 adults gathered at the Verandah on March 19 at 3.30pm. They were grouped into the 5 sustainable themes of NUS: Mobility, Recycle, Energy, Water and Spaces.

Each child was given an Eco Trail Map and an Eco Warrior Nametag. The rules of the program were that each child must complete all 5 stations within 25 minutes.

Station 1 — Recycle

Eco Leaders- Deborah, Mariam and Sarah (KV Resident)
In this station, the Eco Warriors learnt the proper way to recycle items and they designed their own recyclable grocery bag. They were taught the importance of using bags that could be recycled as opposed to using plastic bags.

Station 2 — Spaces

Eco Leaders – Valerie and May
The Eco Warriors were taught how preserving natural spaces helps to beautify the environment and preserves natural resources for future generations. At this station the Eco Warriors learnt how to plant Sunflower seeds and look after a plant.

Station 3 — Energy

Eco Leaders – Amelia, Sze Hoon and Paula (KV Resident)
The Eco Warriors had hands on experience in saving energy within their homes. They were brought into a 3-bedroom apartment at KV2 and they were taught the importance of switching off lights and keeping the air con to 25’C. Kent Vale resident Paula even took to the showers and showed the Eco Warriors how to take shorter showers. Kids then had to design their own fridge magnet and make a pledge on 2 sustainable actions.

Station 4 — Mobility

Eco Leaders – Jeff and Seetha
Here the Eco Warriors learnt the importance of reducing carbon emissions from vehicles. They used the iPad and calculated the carbon footprint caused by vehicles, (refer to website). They had a better understanding that car-pooling; walking or cycling significantly reduces carbon emissions. Through the guidance of the Eco Leaders, the Warriors made their own bicycles.

Station 5 — Water

Eco Leaders – Kim Yen and Yee Vonn
The Eco Warriors learnt the importance of preserving water and this couldn’t have come at a better time when Singapore was facing the driest period ever. They were than shown the Eco Pond and this was where the kids all got excited. They each got a chance to name a Koi and release it into the pond; they also designed 5 signage on how to look after the pond.

The day ended at about 6 pm with every Eco Warrior truly enjoying themselves while learning sustainability. Here is one of the compliments from a parent:-

Dear OHS team,

I just wanted to write a small note expressing out thanks for the Eco Warrior activities that took place Wednesday afternoon.

Our children were greatly enchanted by the graciousness of the staff and the thoughtfulness of the activities. They came away with a great enthusiasm for the environmental features that were included in and around the place they now call home.

The afternoon was well planned and executed, and the children had a lovely time. We appreciate all the effort that went into the events and we look forward to joining you for more activities.

Please convey our thanks to the whole team for a job well done.

Kind regards,
Sarah Elgazzar


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