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E-Waste, OHS Recycles

12 Sep 2014

E-Waste is one of the fastest growing waste categories in the world, with Singapore generating nearly 60,000 tons of e-waste every year. That amount of e-waste is equivalent to the weight of 160 Boeing 747 airplanes.

One of OHS Core Values is to SUPPORT AND PROMOTE GREEN PRACTICES and through the years, we have embarked on several platforms to educate and engage our stakeholders on sustainable efforts, both residents and staff. This year we participated in the “E-WASTE, WE-RECYCLE” program, which was organized by Office of Environmental Sustainability, with the main objective of encouraging the NUS Community to recycle their Electronic and Electrical Waste.

As a prequel to the Grand Finale held on September 12, OHS started promoting the event and collecting e-waste at the various residences, 2 weeks prior to the event. Through Email blasts and word of mouth, OHS staff and residents were highly encouraged and reminded to do their part in ensuring that e-waste is being recycled and not disposed to general waste. OHS Management also took this opportunity to recycle their electrical and electronic assets that were meant to be disposed.

On 12th September 2014, more than 20 OHS staff reached UTown bright and early to volunteer their services for the main “e-waste, we recycle” event. It was a fun-filled, carnival-themed event held at UTown Plaza featuring e-waste recycling corner, information panels, and music, ice cream and game booths. There was also a dedicated e-waste drive through which made it even more convenient for donors with bulky items.

Despite the sweltering heat, it did not stop the crowd from gathering and participating in the event. Everyone who dropped off at least one e-waste item was also treated to a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and a green apple, which made the deal even sweeter for recycling.

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