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OHS Properties win Platinum and Gold Awards for Fire Safety

1 May 2013

NUS Building Fire Safety Compliance Award was introduced by OSHE in 2008 to recognize buildings in NUS that have upheld high standards of fire safety readiness. This award was renamed to NUS Buildings Fire Safety Excellence Award in 2011 with scoring criteria heightened to raise the bar for fire safety standards in NUS.

Key areas included in the scoring are:
(i) NUS Building Fire Safety Compliance Inspection results
(ii) Conducting timely Fire Drill
(iii) Submission of updated Fire Emergency Plan
(iv) Training of Fire Coordinators and Fire Wardens.

Scoring Scheme as below:

Standard Gold Award Silver Award
Qualifying Overall Score 90-100 80-89


In order for a building to achieve the Gold Award, the site must pass the Fire Safety Building Inspection twice per year, conduct Fire Drill twice a year, conduct training prior to each Fire Drill exercise and have in placed an approved Fire Emergency Plan.

If a building achieves the Gold Award for 3 consecutive years, they will be given the Platinum Award.

Both Ridge View Residences and Kuok Foundation House attained the Platinum Award in 2012 while UTown Residence and Tembusu College won the Gold Award for the first time in 2012.