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Dining at Residential Colleges (Tembusu, Cinnamon, CAPT and RC4 dining halls)

Welcome to UTOWN Residential Colleges Dining Services! Students living in Tembusu College, Cinnamon College (home to the University Scholars Programme), College of Alice & Peter Tan and Residential College 4 subscribe to a meal plan. The meal plans include breakfast and dinner daily from Mondays to Fridays. As for Saturdays, we only serve breakfast and on Sundays, only dinner. Breakfast is served from 7am to 10.30am while dinner is from 5.30pm to 9.30pm.

Convenient Locations, Great Variety

Your meal plan is catered right at your door step. Located within the colleges at Level 1, the dining halls can sit up to 600 residents at any one time. The two dining halls share two residential colleges each which promote interaction, cultural exchanges and bonding. The residents are also spoilt for choice as their meal plan credits entitle them to choose any one of the cuisine offered in the 5 stations where our friendly staff assist with the serving.

Our goal is to make every dining experience a delicious and nutritious one. From hot and cold entrees, local and international, soup and salad bars, and multiple beverage options to tasty desserts, you'll find something that appeal to your individual tastes. Besides daily menu, our dining committee together with our caterers plan theme dinners and weekly specials just for you.