Office of Environmental Sustainability

Spoke and Hub System

Please call OED Hotline at 65161515 should you require any assistance to empty your recycling boxes/bins.

With respect from 3rd August 2009, a new “spoke and hub” recycling system has been set up and Veolia Environmental Services has been appointed as the new recycling vendor for NUS Kent Ridge campus.

Spoke and Hub System:

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Under the new spoke and hub system, the housekeeping staff will remove the recyclables from recycling points/bins to recycling collection centres. The recycling vendor wvill then pick up the recyclables from these 22 recycling collection centres located throughout the Kent Ridge campus. Click on the map(right) to download the locations.

At each recycling collection centre, bulk bins to collect paper, carton, cans/ plastic will be placed.

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The key advantage of this new system is that the number of recycling points will no longer limited and can be expanded to increase the recycling rate of NUS.

Removal of paper meant for recycling:

Under the new system, the recycling vendor will no longer be providing door to door collection of paper meant for recycling from boxes like these(right):

The housekeeping staff will henceforth be responsible for the removal of paper meant for recycling from these paper recycling boxes. As most of our housekeeping staff is elderly, should offices have any large amount of paper to be recycled, please do contact our housekeeping staff in advance so that they can mobilise a group of younger cleaners for assistance.

Clearance of confidential paper:

Please be reminded that confidential documents should be shredded before being disposed into paper recycling boxes. Should offices need to engage outside vendors to dispose of confidential documents, please refer here.

No other recycling vendors allowed:

We understand that offices have been contacting Mr Tan Gek Siong of U-Turn Trading & Recycle Services/Sembcorp Tay Paper Recycling Pte Ltd/Singapore Recycle Centre for door to door collection of paper for recycling. Please understand that this is no longer allowed because there is a need to ensure ample collection of paper for our new recycling vendor, Veolia Environmental Services.

Units outside Spoke and Hub System

  Units along Kent Ridge Road should call OED at 65161515 when they need their paper recycling boxes to be cleared.

Units in NUH should contact Ms Yap Chui Lien of NUH Environmental Services or for more contact details. Bungalow Houses along Prince George’s Park road will have their recycling bins ( green with blue lid) outside cleared every fortnight on Monday.
(Note: Bungalow House No 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,12,14A,14 Princes George’s Park Road will be collected by Sembwaste)
(Note: Bungalow House No 17/18 Princes George’s Park Road will be collected by ISS Private Ltd)

We love to include other places in NUS Kent Ridge Campus under the Spoke and Hub system. Please contact Mr Yong Sou Chan at if you are keen.

Your housekeeping contract should include requirement for housekeeping staff have to assist with recycling because in this system the housekeeping staff will have to bring all recyclables to the recycling collection centre.

We seek your cooperation to make recycling in NUS a success. Please call OED Hotline at 65161515 should you require any assistance on recycling.

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