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Our Customers


Our principal customers are both the staff and students of NUS as well as members of the public, visitors, contract workers, and canteen operators.

Apart from the internal customers, we also have close relationships with external agencies such as other stakeholders within and outside NUS. These include the Singapore Police Force (SPF), University-Level Research Institutes/Centres, and outsourced security agencies.

Key Customers Customers Requirements
Internal Students
(undergraduate, graduate)
Timely response
Efficiency in solving cases
Knowledgeable in solving issues
Maintaining safe and secure environment for study and work
(teaching, research, executive & professional, non-academic)
External Public
External agencies
(Police, SCDF, Suppliers, Partners)
Timely response and accurate evidential gathering
Willingness to assist
Proactive response
Linking up with staff and students

It is important for us to understand our customers’ expectations or requirements to create the good rapport with our key customers. It is also important to manage our customers’ expectations and at the same time, share with them our limitations and challenges faced in providing security in an open and freely accessible campus.