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Buggy & Bicycle Patrol


The bicycle patrol was officially launched by VP(CI) Professor Yong Kwet Yew on 1 February 2011.

In November 2011, buggy patrol was introduced to University Town.

These new green initiatives are in line with NUS policy of having environmentally-friendly vehicles on Campus that leave zero carbon footprints. Not only are we now able to reach areas not accessible by vehicles, we also help to save the Earth!

The new bicycles are equipped with striking features like flashing LED orange lights that are similar to those used by Police patrol bicycles in USA Universities.

Officers don luminous OCS vests while on duty, which completes the vibrant image of OCS and makes them highly visible to deter crimes from taking place on Campus.

The Buggy and Bicycle Patrol will concentrate on student-centric areas where car patrols cannot easily access and where they will provide a strong visual presence of OCS’ latest crime-fighting too as well.

Furthermore, the Buggy and Bicycle Patrol in such areas will allow another way for NUS community to approach and engage with OCS officers.

Our patrol buggies and bicycles