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In early Mar 2011, together with our colleagues from Office of Student Affairs and Office of Estate & Development, OCS embarked on a project to provide electronic lockers (e-Lockers) at publicly accessible areas. The aim is to prevent theft cases, and to provide proper locker facilities for students, staff & visitors.

As canteens are widely accessible by members of public, two of them, namely Frontier and The Deck, were selected for the trial. Canteens were selected as people were observed to have left their belongings on tables and chairs unattended while queuing for their food or attending to other matters.

E-locker systems are currently implemented by various institutions, sports complexes and entertainment outlets, such as Crescent Girls School, Singapore Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic, Jurong West & Tampines Sport Complex and Sentosa Palawan Beach.

A trial is being conducted to evaluate users’ responses before any plans are made to extend the locker system to other canteens, or any part of the campus.

The first set of e-locker was launched on 25 November 11. The payments for small, medium & large locker were charged at $0.50, $0.80 and $1.00 respectively, for 2 hourly or per-use (whichever comes first). To prevent hogging of lockers, charges are imposed and accumulated every 2 hourly, in accordance to the amount paid for the usage.

Publicity poster for the electronic lockers

In promoting a safe and secure environment, we hope that implementing the e-locker system will reduce the habit of using bags or items to reserve table and seats. Cultivating good security behavior is part of everyone’s responsibilities. The e-lockers are useful for anyone who needs to safeguard personal belongings, thus allowing the person to move around freely or engage in other activities.