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NUS' Community


As a sign of our strong relationship with our NUS community, some of our cases were solved with their kind assistance.

Sometimes, it would be through the information that they have relayed to us while in others, their brave intervention has resulted in direct arrest made.

To recognise their brave and courageous contribution to the safety and security of the community, a Director’s Commendation Award was put in place recently.

In April 2011, 2 students from FoE and FoS were commended for such bravery for their assistance in detaining a male suspect.

In December 2012, 2 PGPR staff was appreciated and commended for their good ground work and assistance which resulted in the arrest of a male suspect in PGPR .

And recently in January 2013, an NUS Internal Shuttle Bus (ISB) driver, was appreciated for his honesty in returning a found wallet and the Operations Officer of NUS ISB was appreciated for his prompt action and dedication which had assisted in locating a suspect.

Officers patrolling and keeping in touch with the community

Students commended for their bravery in detaining a male suspect for a case of outraging of modesty