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Home Team


OCS has been fostering a close working relationship with our friends from the Home Team.

Together, we have solved numerous cases, especially through the assistance of officers from the Queenstown Neighbourhood Police Centre (QT NPC) and the Clementi Police Division HQ.

In September 2010, OCS together with members of the KRSSWG and the Home Team, held a Project Guardian Ground Exercise in Kent Ridge to test out the emergency awareness and preparedness of the community of Kent Ridge Sector.

A case of bomb threat that subsequently detonated was played out and the members of KRSSWG were activated together with the Home Team Agencies. Students from Sheares Hall took part in the exercise and played out evacuation drills and procedures.The exercise was a great success and the community of NUS benefited greatly from the experience.

OCS also hosts quarterly meeting with the Police to discuss security and crime issues in the different NUS campus. The meetings allow OCS to share security concerns with our Police counterparts and also to discuss how we can collaborate efficiently to tackle some of the issues.

OCS - Home Team networking session

Project Guardian Ground Exercise in Kent Ridge

Meeting with the Police to discuss on crime and security issues