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DBS Paylah! in NUS

  • DBS PayLah! is a personal mobile wallet which allows you to perform fund transfers via a mobile number. You can also send eAng Baos, request for funds from others, request for payment links, pay your bills, donate money to charitable organisations and more! You can even pay with DBS PayLah! for your online purchases securely and swiftly at selected merchants!

    DBS PayLah! is free of charge to use and is available to non-DBS/POSB customers and existing DBS/POSB customers. So everyone can PayLah!

  • You have to be at least 16 years of age and have a smartphone with a Singapore registered 8-digit mobile number.
  • DBS PayLah! is designed with safety features. Here are some features:
    1. For logins, you have to enter an alphanumeric DBS PayLah! personal password. We recommend that you change your password regularly by tapping on Settings > Reset PayLah! Password.
    2. If you are using an Apple iPhone 5S (or newer) mobile device operating on iOS Version 8.0 (or newer), you may also use the fingerprint stored on your mobile device(the Touch ID function) as an alternative to your personal Password to access and use the DBS PayLah! app.
    3. Note: Touch ID function on your Apple iPhone mobile device allows you to store someone else’s fingerprint to access and use the functions of your mobile device. Thus if you choose to enable the Touch ID function for access to DBS PayLah! app, we recommend that you should only store your own fingerprint on your mobile device to prevent others from accessing and using your DBS PayLah! app.
    4. Your DBS PayLah! wallet limit and daily transfer limit are each capped at S$999 by default. For DBS/POSB iBanking users, you can adjust both limits to levels that you are comfortable with. Adjustment of limits is not available to non-DBS/POSB iBanking users.
    5. For enhanced security, we recommend that you lock your smartphone with a password.
  • Yes. Each customer can have more than one DBS PayLah! wallet.
    If you are a DBS/POSB iBanking user, you can have:
      1. One DBS PayLah! wallet registered under your iBanking User Profile and a mobile number, and
      2. Two additional unique DBS PayLah! wallets registered under a non-iBanking User Profile and with two separate mobile numbers.

    If you are not a DBS/POSB iBanking user, you can have:

      1. Up to a maximum of three DBS PayLah! wallets registered under a non-iBanking User Profile with three separate mobile numbers.
  • Simply call 1800-111-1111 (or +65 6327 2265 from overseas) or visit any of our branches. As far as possible, we will strive to help to block your DBS PayLah! wallet to prevent it from being compromised. At any time, you may also request to close your wallet and have the wallet balance credited back to your linked DBS/POSB savings/current account. Please note that DBS is not liable for any loss suffered by you arising from the loss of your smartphone.
  • For DBS PayLah! wallets registered under iBanking User Profiles, you can set a daily transfer limit of S$100, S$200, S$500 or S$999 for your DBS PayLah! wallet. Tap on Settings > Daily Transfer Limit to do so.

    For DBS PayLah! wallets registered under a non-iBanking User Profile, the daily transfer limit is defaulted to S$999 and cannot be changed.

    E.g. If you have set your daily transfer limit as S$999 but would like to send S$800 each to two different friends, you will only be able to pay one friend in full as the total amount of S$1,600 is higher than your daily transfer limit.

  • For DBS PayLah! wallets registered under iBanking User Profiles, you can set and adjust the wallet limit (maximum limit of S$999) by tapping on Settings > Change max PayLah! Wallet Limit.

    For DBS PayLah! wallets registered under a non-iBanking User Profile, the wallet limit is defaulted to S$999 and cannot be changed.

      1. If you set your wallet limit to $0, all incoming funds will be automatically sent to your linked DBS/POSB bank account. You will also not be able to send money to others.
      2. If someone sends you an amount which exceeds your wallet limit, the excess amount will be automatically sent to your linked DBS/POSB bank account. You will see this automatic transfer of the excess amount as a Maxed-Out transaction in your Transaction History.

        E.g. You have set your wallet limit as S$200. You transferred S$40 to your friend for a meal. The remaining wallet balance is now S$160. Your friend transfers S$100 to you for a gadget you helped him to buy. However, as the wallet limit is capped at S$200, the excess S$60 will be credited to your DBS/POSB savings/current account directly and the DBS PayLah! wallet will show a balance of S$200.
  • You can use DBS Paylah at all canteens and other participating outlets in food courts, cafes and restaurants. Keep a lookout for the red tent card with the QR code usually located near the counter.
  • Apps such as PayNow are unable to accept QR codes. As such, outlets in campus are only able to accept Paylah! at the moment.
  • Please email us to let us know and give us your number.
  • There is no charges for using Paylah to pay for your meals in campus.
  • An internet connection is needed to make purchases using Paylah!
  • Please visit the DBS Paylah! website for more information and FAQs. You may also contact DBS for your queries regarding the use of Paylah! in general.

    For any queries regarding the use of Paylah! in campus, please contact us.

  • Users will enjoy 100% cashback for all their successful Paylah! QR code transactions made at participating NUS vendors during the Promotion Period.

    The Cashback amount will be calculated based on the total qualifying transaction amount at participating NUS vendors within the Promotion Period, subject to a cap of S$5 in cashback per user.


    Transactions Made

    Total Transaction Amount

    Total Cashback

    1 x $2



    1 x $6



    2 x $4



    1 x $1
    2 x $2



    The user will receive the Cashback directly to his/her Wallet Account within 60 calendar days after the campaign period, or on a subsequent date which DBS may in its sole discretion determine, provided the Wallet Account is not closed, frozen or suspended at the point of crediting.

    Users will not be eligible for this Cashback offer if they have participated in previous Paylah! cashback promotions outside NUS.

    The Promotion Period for Cashback will end on 30 September 2017.


Tender for outlets in NUS

  • Most of the information can be found in our OCA-website, SESAMi ( or Gebiz ( for tender for café, restaurant and kiosk spaces. For canteen stalls, advertisements will be published in The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao.
  • All interested parties have to submit their proposals through the tender system before the closing date and time. The tender document can be downloaded from either SESAMi ( or Gebiz ( - NUS-Space-Tender
  • No, bids and offer must be submitted through the tender system.
  • As it is by tender, the monthly rent is not dictated. All prospects have to calculate their own business risk and cost and propose a rent that is feasible and sustainable for their business.
  • The main evaluation criteria are business concept, food pricing, experience and capital investment cost.
  • Typically, a rent-free fit-out period of 1 month is given.
  • It is usually 3 years with an option to renew for another 3 years.
  • Yes, the tender deposit will be refunded within 4-6 weeks after the award of tender.
  • Security Deposit, Fit-out Deposit and Reinstatement Deposit will be collected. All these deposits will be refunded free of interest upon expiry of your lease.
  • Utilities (electricity, aircon and water) will be charged separately, in addition to the monthly rental.

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