Multiple Pathways

Double Degrees

The Double Degree Programme (DDP) allows students to graduate with two different degrees in two disciplines from the same faculty or from two different faculties within NUS. A double degree allows some modules taken to be double counted towards the requirements of both degrees, thus allowing the student to complete the two degrees in a shorter period than it would take to complete both degrees separately. Read More

Concurrent Degrees

The Concurrent Degree Programme (CDP) involves a combination of a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from the same faculty or from two different faculties. Such programmes allow a student to pursue a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree concurrently. Read More

Double/Concurrent/Joint Degree Programmes with Overseas Universities

These special degree programmes with premier overseas universities provide our talented students with further academic challenges and opportunities to learn alongside other brilliant students in cross-cultural settings. The Joint Degree Programme (JDP) combines the strength of both NUS and our partner university’s curricula and integrates international experience fully into a student's course of study. Read More

Double Major

A Double Major is a single degree programme, in which a student satisfies the requirements of two Majors. It is conceived as an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and capacities by pursuing a second Major alongside their primary Major. Read More


A Minor programme is a coherent course of study providing depth in a certain area outside that of the Major. It may be taken within or outside a student’s faculty. Read More


Specialisation is a coherent programme of study that provides students with the opportunity to learn more about a particular sub-discipline within their main discipline. It is very useful for students who plan to enter specific career tracks upon their graduation. Read More

Student Exchange Programme

The Student Exchange Programme (SEP) reflects NUS’ commitment to global education, allowing NUS undergraduates to spend a semester or two at an overseas partner university, earning credits towards their NUS degree. Read More

Undergraduate Research

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme (UROP) gives students an opportunity to conduct research under the supervision of faculty members in their respective fields of study. It aims to engage students in the processes of intellectual inquiry, problem solving, and creative thinking, and enhance intellectual exchange and collaboration between undergraduates and faculty. Read More