Financial Aid Package

Students who are in need of financial assistance can apply online for financial aid via the website during the stipulated application period.

Financial aid will be offered to eligible applicants who have been assessed to be needy. This will be in the form of a financial aid package which is designed based on the recognition that an education in the University is a partnership involving the student, his/her family and the University. In structuring the package, an average student’s expected cost of attendance consisting tuition fees and living expenses, is taken into account. The financial aid package that is offered may comprise a combination of loans, bursary and work-study assistance, depending on the extent of the student’s level of neediness which is assessed based on the declared family income and mitigating factors, if any.

Financial Support For Tuition Fees

Students may obtain financing for their tuition fee payable by applying for one or more of the following schemes which are externally administered.

The TFL, CES and PSEA are needs-blind schemes and do not take into account the family income level. Students who meet the award criteria for the NUS Study Loan Scheme will be offered aid to finance the balance portion of the tuition fee payable by Singapore Citizens not funded by the TFL and/or CES and/or and/or PSEA and/or TTFS.

Financial Support For Living and/or Accommodation Expenses

Students who require financial aid for their living and/or accommodation expenses and meet the award criteria may be offered the NUS Study Loan which provides a living allowance of S$3,600 a year; BursaryNUS Student Assistance Loan and/or Work-Study Assistance