There are various types of NUS bursaries which are awarded to eligible needy students. These are granted as university-administered bursaries and they are offered as part of the financial aid package awarded to eligible applicants based on the assessed needs level.

A. Bursaries (Administered by Office of Financial Aid)

B. Bursaries (Administered by other NUS Offices/Faculties/Schools/Departments/Halls/Residential Colleges)

Please refer to the website of the other NUS offices, faculties/schools, Halls, Residential Colleges for details on their bursaries and loan schemes.

C. Bursaries (Administered by external organizations)

Disbursement of Funds

Upon satisfactory compliance of all terms and conditions of the scholarship/financial aid offer, funds in respect of the same will be credited to the student's account with the Office of Financial Services. All bursaries will be disbursed in half on a semester basis and will only be disbursed if tuition fees are charged.

All fees due to the University will however be deducted from such proceeds prior to crediting.