Name : Damien
Home Faculty : Engineering
Major : Civil Engineering

My name is Damien! After school, I like to unwind by doing some rock-climbing as a recreational activity. It is a good full body workout and relatively simple to pick up. In addition, I'm part of the Civil Engineering Club which has me working and liaising with the department to organize external events for the students. One particular interest for me will be : Languages! I picked up French when I first came to NUS and have grown to love it since! It's a really interesting and beautiful language. The pronunciation can be tough for us language-learners since not all the words are pronounced but it shares a lot of similar vocabulary with English so picking it up was quite straightforward. Part of this language journey had me going on an immersion to France & that was an indelible experience, speaking and being understood by the natives. It only served to reaffirm my interest in French! If you're coming to NUS, don't hesitate to try learning a new language! It's very fulfilling.