Transfer Applicants

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Current Students in NUS/NTU/SMU/SUTD seeking a change of course

Admission requirements

Current students in NUS/NTU/SMU/SUTD/UniSIM/SIT seeking a change of course

Applicants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. In addition to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' Level examination results (or high school equivalent) and their performance at the University, the Admissions Selection Committee will also take into consideration the applicant's reason for seeking the transfer. Applicants may be required to undergo an interview to assess their suitability for the course they have applied for. Such interviews will be scheduled at the discretion of NUS.  

Applicants will be required to provide a short write-up (1500 characters) to explain their motivations for a transfer.

Please note that the transfer exercise in October to November is open only to current students of NUS/NTU/SMU/SUTD/UniSIM/SIT. This exercise is also not applicable for students seeking a transfer to Architecture, Dentistry, Industrial Design, Law, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy.
Former students of NUS/NTU/SMU/SUTD/UniSIM/SIT seeking admission to NUS should apply in February.

Trannsfer options
There are two options for undergraduates seeking a change of course at NUS:

Option 1:
Available to students from outside NUS seeking a transfer to an NUS course

  • Start on a clean slate. This means there will be no waiver, credit transfer/exemption of modules;
  • Students may wish to suggest certain previously completed modules to the Faculty for approval for waiver and/or credit transfer/exemption. The Faculty's decision regarding which modules may be accepted for waiver, credit transfer/exemption so as to satisfy the relevant graduation requirements will be final.


Option 2:
Available to current NUS students seeking a transfer to another NUS course

  • Start on a clean slate. This means there will be no waiver, credit transfer/exemption of modules;
  • Students may choose to transfer all modules previously taken (i.e. including credits, grades and CAP) to the new course of study. The relevant Faculty shall then decide which modules may be used to satisfy the relevant graduation requirements.


A. With a module waiver, no credits are given. Instead, a student must substitute with another relevant module on the advice of the Department/Programme when a module is waived. Credits, but not grades, are granted for modules accepted for credit transfer/exemption. In this way, the modules will count towards the fulfillment of the graduation requirements but are excluded from the computation of CAP.

B. The transfer of modular credits and CAP is not applicable to Dentistry, Law and Medicine. Generally, successful applicants will have to start on a clean slate.

C. In general, modules accepted for credit transfer/exemption/waiver must not have been used towards earning a degree at NUS or another institution and the minimum residency requirement is applicable to the new programme of study.

Change of course for NUS students who are in the University Scholars Programme (USP)

Students enrolled in the University Scholars Programme  will enjoy subsidized tuition fees in their new course as long as they change their course of study within four semesters or the first two years of study. This applies only if the new courses that they transfer to are in faculties or schools that offer the USP. They are:

  •     Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  •     School of Business
  •     School of Computing
  •     School of Design & Environment
  •     Faculty of Engineering
  •     Faculty of Science


Students seeking a transfer while remaining in USP will transfer all modules taken in their previous course including grades and CAP to the new course of study. The receiving faculty has the absolute discretion to decide which modules can be used to satisfy the relevant graduation requirements. The minimum residency for the new course of study is two years. 

Please click here for more information of the application process.