Vietnamese National High School Graduation Examination

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Applicants who receive actual results by application closing date
Applicants who will be completing the high school final examination after application closing date
Minimum to apply
Vietnam National High School Graduation Examination

A good pass certificate
Year 11 Semester 2 results

A good pass certificate by July 2019
1) ACT with Writing / SAT
2) SAT Subject Tests
Not required
Not required
English Requirement
(Refer to Notes)
Not required
University Entrance Examinations
Not required
Course Eligibility
Eligible for all courses
Eligible for all courses
Application Closing Date
1 January 2019
For applicants presenting the Vietnam National High School Graduation examination results, please submit both the Vietnam National High School Graduation Examination and Year 12 high school examination results to support the application.

*Application will only be processed upon submission of your actual Vietnamese High School Graduation Examination and Year 12 school examination results together with an acceptable  English Language score by the application closing date.

If you are taking the Vietnam National High School Graduation Examination in 2019, please submit your High School Year 11, Semester 2 results slip.

Please note that your application cannot be processed until you submit the required supporting documents. Incomplete documentation will affect the outcome of your application.

Outstanding Achievements

While academic merit plays a key role in deciding the outcome of your application, we also consider exceptional achievements in co-curricular activities and competitions.  You must have attained a very high level of achievement or leadership positions in activities. Examples of such achievements include International Science Olympiad medals, top national awards, national team sportsmen and exceptional rank in top university entrance examinations (e.g. IIT/AIEEE rankings, etc).

Participation in activities and achievements at intra school, house or class level (e.g. best student, most courteous, science/arts/cultural projects, etc) do not, usually, have a strong bearing on the outcome of your application.

Choice of courses

All applicants are allowed a maximum of 8 choices in your application.
Please list them according to your preference.
The order of the choices does not increase or decrease your chances in any of the courses. However, you should order your choices accordingly to your preference, as you will be admitted to the highest ranked course that you have qualified for.

Application outcome

The outcome of your application for admission will be released between May to July.


The decision on your application was made after careful consideration by the Admissions Selection Committee on the basis of your academic and non-academic records and the keen competition for limited vacancies.

An appeal for admission should be submitted only if you have additional information regarding your academic and non-academic achievements that was not presented in your earlier application.

You should submit an online appeal from late May to early June 2019 via Online Application Status Facility (OASF). Please do not submit multiple appeals to various departments in the university. Mass emailing to multiple parties within NUS outside the appeal protocol will result only in slowing down the appeal process. The NUS Office of Admissions makes the final decision on all appeals.

Verification of Documents

Successfully admitted applicants will be called upon for verification of their submitted documents when school terms starts.

When applicants arrive in Singapore for enrolment into NUS, they must bring along original copies of their identification, high school results, secondary school results and other material documents which they have earlier submitted in support of their application.

For applicants who are required to submit their C1 Advanced/Cambridge English: Advanced, IELTS, SAT and SAT Subject Tests and/or TOEFL scores, internet printout results of C1 Advanced/Cambridge English: Advanced, IELTS, SAT and SAT Subject Tests and/or TOEFL scores may first be sent to our office to support your application. Applicants are required to submit a copy of the original score report(s) to the Office of Admissions once it is available.

The University reserves the right to expel students who fail to turn up for the verification of documents or failing to provide the required documents.

English Language Requirement

The medium of instruction at NUS is English.  To enable you to benefit from an NUS education, we expect you to have achieved a minimum level of English proficiency.  For certain qualifications, you are also required to furnish additional English Language test scores.

Applicants may present any of the following to fulfil the English Language requirement:

Minimum Acceptable Score
6.5 overall with 6.5 in Reading and Writing components
580 for paper-based /  92-93 for internet-based*


Please note that only C1 Advanced / Cambridge English: Advanced, TOEFL and / or IELTS scores obtained in the two years leading up to 1 March of the year of application will be considered. For instance, for applications closing on 1 March 2019, the validity period for the scores is from 1 March 2017 to 1 March 2019 (both dates inclusive).

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