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Polytechnic Diplomas from Singapore

Admission requirements »

Academic Considerations for University Admissions

Applicants will be considered for admission to the University based on the competiveness of their Polytechnic and Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'O' Level results. The weightage of the 2 components is as follows:

Components Weightage
Polytechnic results 80%
Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level results 20%

For courses that require applicants to sit through tests/ interviews, they will also be assessed based on their performance during interviews and/or tests.

Please click here for the latest Indicative Grade Profile.

NUS accepts applications from polytechnic graduates who have not taken the Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'O' level examinations but have completed other types of secondary or post-secondary education. In such cases, applicants will be assessed based on their polytechnic results, as well as any other academic and non-academic achievements presented for admission. In addition, the University may evaluate such applicants based on other means such as interviews, aptitude tests etc.

Acceptable Polytechnic Diplomas »

For a list of acceptable Polytechnic Diplomas, please click here.

Outstanding Admission »

The University sets aside up to 10% of university places for consideration of exceptional candidates for admission. For such candidates, the University will consider other factors besides academic grades. The following are some samples of exceptional achievements that may be taken into consideration:

  1. Medal winner at the International Olympiads (Biology, Chemistry, Informatics, Mathematics and Physics)
  2. Winner in the National Science & Talent Search
  3. Represented Singapore in Arts and/or Sports
  4. Active participation in community service and volunteer programmes.
  5. Work experience relevant to the course applied for (supporting document/s is/are required)
  6. Key leadership positions in community organisations, sports and athletic clubs, etc (outside school)

In addition, applicants may provide additional information on awards/honours. Applicants who wish to be considered under this scheme must provide details under the 'Outstanding Admissions' section of the online application form and follow up to submit the necessary supporting documents.

Applicants who wished to be considered under the Outstanding Admission scheme for Medicine should apply under the Exceptional Individual Scheme by 3rd week of March 2015.

Exceptional Individual Scheme »

The Exceptional Individual Scheme (EIS) was developed as a way of exercising discretionary criteria in admitting a small number of students to the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Applications submitted through this route will be evaluated by the Selection Committee on the basis of exceptional talent and achievement in addition to academic results. For details and online application, please click here.

Module Exemption for the Polytechnic Diplomas from Singapore Applicants

Polytechnic diploma holders admitted to a 3 or 4 year programme may be granted advanced placement credits (APC) in relevant modules for up to a maximum of 40 MCs (Modular Credits). 40 MCs is equivalent to 1 year of study.

The breakdown of the advanced placement credits are as follows:

  • Up to 8 MCs from the University Level Requirements, comprising one General Education Module and one Breadth Module;
  • Up to 12 MCs from Unrestricted Elective Modules; and
  • Up to 20 MCs from Programme Requirements.

More information on the advanced placement credits and exemptions can be found in the Registrar’s Office’s website at:

Applicants presenting a Diploma from a Polytechnic in Singapore may refer to the relevant faculty/school websites as indicated below for more information on module exemptions. Applicants can contact the respective faculty/school for further clarifications.

Faculty/School Information on module exemption
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Click here
Business School Click here
School of Computing Click here
School of Design & Environment Click here
Faculty of Engineering Click here
Faculty of Science Click here
Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies Click here

Mature Applicants »

A mature applicant is one who is at least 25 years of age with at least four years of full-time work experience as of 1 July of the application year.

Applicants presenting an accredited Diploma from a Polytechnic in Singapore with SAT Reasoning Test scores and fulfil the definition of a mature applicant, will be considered under the mature applicants category.

Computation of University Score »

The University Score will be computed as follows:

Components Weightage
SAT Test score 50%
Content proficiency 25%
Experience and motivation 25%

Consideration of SAT (Previously termed Reasoning Test) »

SAT Test scores are compulsory. They must be submitted by 21 February of the admission year. If you do not have SAT Test scores, we regret to inform you that you will not be considered for admission. The best set of SAT Test score taken in one sitting in the five years leading up to 21 February of the admission year will be taken into consideration. For applications closing on 21 February 2015, the SAT Test must be taken between 21 February 2010 and 21 February 2015. You may not submit critical reading and mathematics scores from across sittings.

If you are applying for admission to NUS in 2015 and submitting the SAT Test scores, please note that the last acceptable test date for SAT Reasoning Test is 24 January 2015. April/May 2015 SAT Reasoning Test scores will not be considered.

Content proficiency »


Content proficiency refers to performance in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level examination and/or studies at a Polytechnic in Singapore.

Experience and Motivation »

Work experience is limited to full-time working experience. It is not necessary for you to work continuously for the same company or organisation for four years.

For work experience and motivation to be measured, you should submit a personal statement form and two referee reports to the Office of Admissions by 21 February of the admission year. Applicants are also required to submit an employment status letter* to confirm that they are currently working in an organisation.

*Letter can either be written by direct supervisor or the Human Resources Department.
The points accorded for SAT Reasoning Test, content proficiency, the personal statement form and employer referrals will determine whether an applicant will be shortlisted for an interview.
Your current or previous employers may serve as referees. They must have supervised you and must not be related to you. If you are self-employed, you may seek referrals from your business associates, who should be at least of managerial level and likewise not be related to you.

Application »

To be considered under the mature applicant’s category, applicants should apply using the "Polytechnic Diplomas from Singapore" application form and also submit a personal statement form, two referee reports and an employment status letter.

Applicants with incomplete submission of supporting documents (SAT scores, personal statement form, referee reports and employment status letter) by the application closing date will not be eligible for consideration under the mature applicant’s category and will only be considered under the "Polytechnic Diplomas from Singapore".