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NUS will reserve a place for you if you are serving full-time National Service (NS) in Singapore. You will only enroll after the completion of your full-time NS obligation, or if you are granted disruption by MINDEF.

If you wish to enroll before you complete your NS, you should write to the University with relevant supporting documents of your disruption or deferment from MINDEF, SPF or SCDF. This will assist the University in reviewing your enrolment year.

You can contact the University with your full name, NRIC/FIN, course reserved and scheduled enrolment year on the following matters via email through our website:

  • Update of personal particulars and contact information (e.g. address and contact telephone numbers).
  • Request for letter to certify place reserved.
  • Relinquish place reserved.

Enrolment procedure

You will receive a letter from the University in October 2017 if you are due to enroll in the University in August 2018.

Please login to the RNS Confirmation Page using the NUS Application number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) found in the letters. You will be asked to choose one of the four options in the online confirmation exercise. If you have indicated “I will enroll in the course reserved in August 2018”, the University will send an enrolment letter to you in May 2018.

RNSmen who are due to enroll in the University in 2019 or thereafter will only receive the NUS Application Number and PIN letters from the University in October 2018 or later.

Application for a change of course

To understand the process for change of course, click here.

Some applicants may wish to apply for a change of course while serving full-time NS. You can submit a fresh application at http://www.nus.edu.sg/oam/apply-to-nus.html for admission based on the application window of the application group. You should only indicate the course(s) that you wish to be considered in your new application.

Your reserved course will be automatically withdrawn if you are successful in gaining admission to the new course. If you decide not to accept the new course offer, you will not have a reserved place of study in the University. RNSmen are required to submit an appeal during the appeal period if you wish to reinstate back to your previous reserved course. The success of your appeal will be at the discretion of the University. You are advised to accept the new offer, while waiting for the outcome of your appeal to be re-admitted back to the previous course reserved.

If you are unsuccessful in your new application, you will remain in the reserved course if you had accepted the reserved course earlier.

Special Term (ST) enrolment for RNSmen matriculating in 2018

Please visit Registrar's Office website for more information on ST enrolment.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions by RNSmen.