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The weekly Noon Recital Series presents a platform for Conservatory students to perform before their peers and the general public. These campus recitals feature a variety of solo and ensemble performances.

Attendance is compulsory for all students throughout the course of the four-year undergraduate programme. Students need to maintain an 80% attendance rate (10 out of 13 recitals) in order to receive a ‘S’ (Satisfactory) grade.

SoundBites on Mondays offers 3rd and 4th year students and ensembles an additional opportunity to play for slightly longer than in the Wednesday Noon Recital Series. Scheduling for this series is also done as below.


Scheduling of Wednesday Noon Recitals is done through the Concert Office. The Concert Office reserves the right to schedule students depending on the suitability of the programme, venue and time availability. Recitalists are expected to be appropriately dressed for Monday noon performances.

Performance Allocation

Students must identify works to be performed, including their performance duration which must not exceed 10 minutes. The programme should be discussed with the major study teacher prior to submission to the Concerts & Events Office. The major study teacher should also be copied into the email at the time of submission.

Students should submit performance requests by email to Ms Poo Lai Fong at (filling in the Noon Recital SoundBites Registration Form), downloadable from the Student Portal) according to the following timetable:

Noon recital proposals for –

August – September: submit by 1 August

October – November: submit by 1 September

January – February: submit by 1 December

March – April: submit by 1 February

Departments will be allocated spaces per period based proportionally on the student numbers in the department. The proportion of spaces works out approximately as follows:

Strings (approximately 3 slots per fortnight)

Wind, Brass and Piano (1 slot per fortnight)

Percussion/Harp, Composition, Voice (1 slot per month)

A small number of spaces (3 slots per month) will also be held for ensembles, which will be nominated by the Ensembles Office in consultation with ensemble co-ordinators.

Allocation of spaces will be at the discretion of the relevant Head of Department but normally students would only be assigned one slot per year in noon recital. Students are to note that dates selected within the period being assigned (e.g. August to September) will be at the discretion of the Head of Department.

Any additional spaces (i.e. not taken up by the designated department) will be allocated from reserve players selected by the Heads of Department.

For the first series of concerts (i.e. August to September), the first two concerts will be by invitation, linked to the results achieved in juries or junior recitals in the previous semester. Students chosen for these two concerts will still be eligible to apply for a noon recital slot during the course of the year.

The SoundBites series is held in the Orchestra Hall at 12:15pm on Mondays. Students interested in performing in this series are welcome to submit an application to, using the same form as for Noon Recital.  Each student/chamber group may propose a 20-minute repertoire with each SoundBites featuring two performances.  Students are required to submit a Registration Form, approved by their Major Study teacher with the finalized repertoire, which will be featured in the Concert Calendar.

Piano Accompaniment

Students who require piano accompaniment should approach their respective applied major study teachers for arrangements for faculty or student accompanists.

Changes to Repertoire

Students should inform the Concert Office of any changes made to repertoire or performance date no later than one week before the scheduled performance.

The Concert’s & Events Office will confirm students’ Monday Noon Recital time at least one week in advance of the performance date.


Rehearsals for Wednesday Noon Recitals take place in the morning on the day of the recital. Rehearsal schedules are sent to each Conservatory faculty member as well as posted on notice boards a week prior to the recital. Students are advised to check the notice boards regularly for updates and to report punctually to the venue at the scheduled rehearsal times.  In addition, it is the student’s responsibility to notify their teacher(s) in advance if classes are to be missed. Failure to notify the teacher(s) will be considered an unexcused absence.

Cancelling a Performance Date

Students who are unable to perform at a Wednesday Noon Recital due to extenuating circumstances must notify the Concert Office no later than two weeks prior to the Noon Recital date.

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