3.5.2    Chamber Music

The study and performance of chamber music is an essential feature of the Conservatory’s curriculum. A semester’s work should lead to a public performance by each ensemble. Chamber music masterclasses by visiting artists also take place during the semester.

Students perform in a wide range of ensemble groups from piano trios, wind quartets and brass quintets to percussion ensembles. Chamber music coaching is provided in all faculties by members of the artist faculty and the T’ang Quartet, the Conservatory’s Quartet-in-Residence.

All groups must submit their members’ names and repertoire to the department co-ordinators below for approval:


The T’ang Quartet Quartet-in-residence

Ms Yap Pei Ying Orchestra and Ensembles Manager


Adjunct Assoc Prof Zhang Jin Min Head of Woodwind Studies


Mr Brett Stemple Head of Brass Studies


Mr Jonathan Fox Artist Faculty, Percussion

Piano-based Ensembles

Assoc Prof Albert Tiu Associate Professor, Piano

Ms Yap Pei Ying Orchestra and Ensembles Manager

According to the needs of each ensemble, coaches may space coaching sessions evenly over the semester or concentrate them over a shorter period of time. Every ensemble is expected to set aside regular times for rehearsal each week in addition to their coaching.

When forming groups, the chamber music faculty will make every effort to accommodate ensemble assignments and class schedules to ensure the availability of ample rehearsal time. Every attempt will be made to honour students’ group requests, provided that their levels of experience, ability and schedules match favourably.

Students who perform at an exceptional level may take the Advanced Chamber Ensemble module as an Unrestricted Elective.

Chamber music groups have various opportunities to perform at the Conservatory, most commonly in the regular chamber music concerts and in the weekly Monday Noon Recital series.