3.5    Performance

The Yong Siew Toh Conservatory offers numerous performance opportunities which form an important element of the Conservatory’s curriculum. Students are presented in solo recitals, large and chamber ensembles, as well as masterclasses conducted by distinguished visiting artists.

All events are scheduled by the Concert Office, in consultation with faculty members and the Director. There are no concerts, recitals, or masterclasses scheduled during University vacations, national holidays, reading week, or examination periods.

Concert Attire/Stage Etiquette/Recordings

All students should have their own concert attire.

Large Ensembles

Attire for men:

Black dinner jacket, white long-sleeved shirt, black trousers, black bow tie, black shoes and black socks.

Attire for ladies:

Long, black ankle-length dress, with sleeves of at least ¾ length. Instead of a dress, it is also permissible to wear a black blouse with black pants or an ankle-length black skirt. Black court shoes.

Solo and Chamber Performances

For solo and chamber performances, students are expected to dress in a manner consistent with professional practice, taking into consideration the seriousness of the performance context.

The dress guidelines are strictly enforced to ensure that every student presented in concert is dressed professionally. Any student who is inappropriately dressed for a concert may not be allowed to perform in the concert.

Stage Etiquette

Students are required to consult the studio faculty for advice on platform manners and are expected to observe the following basic stage etiquette as follows:

  • Stage management should be discussed with the Concerts & Events Office well before the Recital. Movement of stands and chairs should be kept to an absolute minimum and recitalists should ensure that accompanists and helpers (e.g. page-turners) are aware of the importance of the occasion and dress appropriately.
  • Students are to make sure that they are at the appropriate entry point of the stage well in advance of the start of the performance (or that stage managers are aware of their whereabouts).
  • Students should remember that a performance begins immediately upon entering the performance area and does not end until they leave it.
  • Music scores should not be carried on or off stage by soloists unless absolutely necessary.
  • Applause should be acknowledged confidently. On entry to the platform, performers should try to avoid crossing in front of each other.


Concerts presented by the Conservatory may be audio and/or video recorded for educational and archival purposes. The Conservatory reserves all rights to these audio and video recordings, including the right to broadcast, license, assign, and distribute the recordings in all media for any purpose and without limitation.

Students who wish to review the recordings may do so in the Music Library where the recordings are archived.

Recordings of students’ performances at the Monday Noon Recitals will be available on file in the Music Library so that they can review the performances with their teachers.

All faculty and student ensemble performances will be recorded unless a request is submitted otherwise to the Concert Office.