3.5    Financial Assistance and Awards

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Conservatory Scholarships

The Conservatory awards scholarships based on student performance at the audition and the needs of the school. The scholarship is renewed on a year-by-year basis for the duration of the student’s degree, depending on the student’s progress, up to a maximum of 4 years.

Students on scholarship who receive living allowances from the Conservatory should note that they are not allowed to undertake any outside engagements except with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra or other professional ensembles approved by the Dean of the Conservatory. Failure to abide by this ruling may cause the student to lose his/her scholarship.

Undergraduates on the Conservatory scholarship that covers living allowances will receive a one-time payment of per semester stipend in August (for Semester 1) and in January (for Semester 2). The stipend is not posted to students during vacation.

Student Artistic Development Fund

The Conservatory has established a Student Artistic Development Fund through donations from sponsors. This fund will be used to sponsor outstanding Conservatory students to participate in self-initiated projects and opportunities, including but not limited to international festivals/competitions, conferences, community outreach, and self-initiated projects. The Fund can be used for expenses such as competition/festival fees, airfare, accommodation, ground transport and other incidental expenses. Students can now submit their applications online. For any clarification, they can contact Ms Jenny Lee.

Steven Baxter Memorial Scholarship

Founding Director of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Dr Steven Baxter passed away in July 2010. He was known for his spirit of giving towards students as well as for his thoughtfulness, quiet humour, strong sense of collegiality and deep commitment.

The Steven Baxter Memorial Scholarship offers enhanced merit-based scholarships to BMus Year 3 and/or Year 4 students. The Scholarship harmonises perfectly with Dr Steven Baxter’s ambition for the Conservatory’s students to achieve international excellence.

S R Nathan Music Scholarship

Mr S R Nathan, the former President of Singapore, was a man of the people. In his six decades of service to the nation, from medical social work to being the country’s president, he kept his community consciousness intact. After his presidency, Mr Nathan established the S R Nathan Education Upliftment Fund with the Community Foundation of Singapore. The S$10 million endowment fund was set up to help financially disadvantaged students in Singapore achieve their full potential.

The Fund made a gift to NUS in support of the S R Nathan Music Scholarship which is a merit-based scholarship for Singaporean students from the wind, brass, percussion, composition or audio arts areas for the duration of their undergraduate programme.

Mabel and Soon Siew Kwa Scholarship

In the early years of Singapore, a dedicated generation of workers laboured to lay a strong foundation for the city-state’s growth. Mr Kwa Soon Siew was part of this generation and spent much of his working life with Chung Khiaw Bank, an establishment founded to serve ordinary citizens. He and his wife, Mabel, were role models for their children, encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

Their children, Associate Professor Kwa Chong Guan ’68 and Ms Kwa Kim Hwa ’73, made a gift to NUS to honour their memory. The Mabel & Soon Siew Kwa Scholarship supports full-time Singaporean undergraduates, with preference given to those from the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, NUS Business School and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

University Level Medals and Prizes

YST Conservatory students are eligible for the following medals and prizes, which are awarded to students in recognition of outstanding academic performance:

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