3.1    Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree

A faculty of the National University of Singapore, the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music offers the Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree with 18 majors in Performance, (Piano, Orchestral Instruments and Voice), Composition, and Audio Arts and Sciences.

This is a four-year, full-time undergraduate degree programme with a strong focus on music performance and supporting music academic modules. General education and elective modules allow students to receive a holistic music education at the Conservatory.

In conjunction with the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, the Conservatory also offers a Joint Bachelor of Music Degree for a small number of selected students in both institutions. Conservatory students spend 5 semesters at the Conservatory and 3 semesters at Peabody.

Second Major in Audio Arts and Sciences and access to Major Study modules

The Conservatory also offers the Second Major in Audio Arts & Sciences by combining courses in recording arts with science and engineering.  In conjunction with a primary (“first”) major, this second major aims to equip students from various faculties with a strong foundation and knowledge in key advanced topics in Audio Arts and Sciences. This emphasis is to better prepare them for career opportunities in engineering and related fields, focused on development of audio and music technologies.

Beginning from AY2018/2019, a small number of NUS students from other faculties may be able to access undergraduate major study areas at the Conservatory. This option is already available in relation to Audio Arts and Sciences, but the change will offer possible opportunities in relation to all performance areas and to composition. The audition requirements and standards of performance will be equivalent to that of full-time Conservatory students.

Minor in Music and Society

Available to NUS students from Semester 1 AY2018/2019, the YST Conservatory will offer a new Minor in Music & Society that specifically focuses on music’s societal dimensions. Students will appreciate the broad disciplinary outreach in the minor programme that encompasses the study of music in potential social, political, economic and aesthetic contexts.

Minor Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 24 modular credits (MCs) in the following:

A) Compulsory Core Modules (8MCs)

i) One Analysis and Composition module(4MCs)

MUT1201 Introduction to Classical Music Composition

ii) One Contextual Engagement module (4MCs – Choose One)

MUH2201 Classical Styles and Romantic Spirits

MUH2202 What was, and Is, Popular Music?

MUH2203 Music of the Church and State

MUH3202 Musicology

MUH3203 Opera and its History

MUH 3204 Medieval and Renaissance Music

MUH3205 Chamber Music since 1700

MUH4203 Music Criticism


B) Music Electives (an additional 16MCs, with at least 12MCs at Level 2000 or above)