3.2.4    Leave of Absence

Students must apply for Leave of Absence if they expect to be absent from more than one class. The request needs to be supported with relevant medical documents or letters of invitation (in the case of external engagements). These students MUST seek the approval from the Dean of the Conservatory or they will be regarded as being absent without permission and are liable to be withdrawn from school and/or lose entitlement to scholarship. Students should apply to the Dean giving sufficient advance notice wherever possible.

Students can now submit their applications online via Conservatory’s website.

Undergraduate students on leave of absence for more than one semester must apply to the Conservatory Admissions and Academic Office for re-admission and certification of previously earned credits toward the degree or diploma programme. This process may include re-auditioning and placement tests in specific areas.

Please refer to University’s Leave of Absence for more details on leave application: