Sidebar    Special Consideration During Examination

A student whose performance in an examination has been affected by illness or other causes may apply for special consideration. Such causes may include:

  • Debilitating illness or psychological condition (e.g. hospitalisation, serious injury, severe asthma, high fever, severe anxiety or depression.
  • Bereavement in the immediate family – this normally refers to the loss of parent, grandparent, sibling, spouse or child.
  • Serious trauma (e.g. victim of crime, accident or disaster).

Ailments that do not affect adversely a student’s performance in an examination (e.g. slight cold, sore throat, headaches or mild discomfort alone) normally will not constitute sufficient reason for special consideration to be granted.

To apply for special consideration during an examination, the student is required to fill in an “Application for Special Consideration Form” which may be downloaded from the NUS Student Portal at:

The assessment of the medical condition may only be accepted if it is done by a medical practitioner registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners are not registered with the SMC and their assessments will not be accepted. For consultations at the University Health Centre (UHC), the form will be forwarded directly to the Conservatory Academic Affairs Office.

Notwithstanding the above, the Board of Examiners will review each case and its decision on the causes to be taken into consideration shall be final. The submission of this application does not guarantee that an Incomplete (IC) grade will be granted.