3.2.5    Grading System and Regulations

Students are awarded letter grades for the modules read at the Conservatory. The Cumulative Average Point (CAP) is the weighted average grade point of the letter grades of all the modules taken by the students. The grade point for each grade is as follows:


Grade Point
A+ 5.0
A- 4.5
B+ 4.0
B 3.5
B- 3.0
C+ 2.5
C 2.0
D+ 1.5
D 1.0
F 0.0


CAP = Sum (module grade point x modular credits for the module) / Sum (modular credits)

Where the module receives no modular credits, non-credit designations are given:

S    Satisfactory

U   Unsatisfactory

Please refer to the Section “Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option/Grade-Freee 1st SEM for more information