Sidebar    Second Major in Audio Arts and Sciences

In line with the University’s initiative to introduce Double Major Programmes in NUS, the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM) offers a Second Major in Audio Arts and Sciences by combining courses in recording arts with the sciences and engineering. In conjunction with their primary major, this second major programme aims to equip students from various schools/faculties with a strong foundation as well as knowledge in key advanced topics in the burgeoning area of audio arts and sciences, and thus better prepare them for career opportunities in engineering and related fields focused on development of audio and music technologies.

Structure of the Second Major

a. In line with University guidelines, the second major will require students to complete 48 MCs (12 modules) within the following structure:

  1. Completion of the following five compulsory modules:
    Foundational Core Modules:
    MUA1170 Fundamentals of Music Production and Recording 1
    MUA1171 Fundamentals of Music Production and Recording 2
    MUA2170 Multitrack Recording 1
    MUA2173 Room Acoustics
    MUA1172 Critical Listening 1
  2. Completion of the following two Audio Programme Post-Production modules:
    MUA3170 Audio Postproduction 1
    MUA4170 Audio Postproduction 2
  3. Completion of the following five new modules which are project-based:
    MUA2175 AAS Project 1
    MUA2176 AAS Project 2
    MUA3175 AAS Project 3
    MUA4175 AAS Project 4
    MUA4176 AAS Final Project
  4. At most two modules of the Second Major may be double-counted with other programmes.

b. The plan is to continue to accept a small intake size of 2-4 students for each cohort year.

c. Entry into the programme would be based on:

  • application by students to YST at the end of their first year of study.
  • a live audition to be conducted whenever deemed necessary

d. Students are advised begin this Second Major in Year 2 Semester 1, as it is planned for completion over six semesters with a strict semestral schedule for module offerings.