3.2.3    Continuation Requirements


Students admitted to the Bachelor of Music (Honours) programme must carry a minimum workload of 18 modular credits per semester, except during the final semester before completion of all graduation requirements for the degree.

In addition, first-year students in the first semester of study are not allowed to increase the workload beyond 23 MCs.

CAP for Continuation and Graduation

To graduate, an undergraduate student must have a minimum CAP of 2.00. To remain in good academic standing, and to continue in an undergraduate programme of study, a student may not have CAP below 2.00 for two consecutive semesters.

For any semester in which the student’s CAP falls below 2.00, s/he will be placed on probation. If the student’s CAP remains below 2.00 for the second consecutive semester, the student will be issued a letter of dismissal by the Registrar and denied re-admission.

A dismissed student may submit an appeal if there are extenuating circumstances, to the Conservatory Dean within two calendar weeks of the last day of the release of each semester’s examination results. Normally every student is allowed only one such appeal per candidature. If the appeal is rejected, the student will not be re-admitted. If the outcome of the appeal is positive, the student will be given one semester in which to achieve the minimum CAP required for continuation and graduation.

Scholarship Probation

A Conservatory student who has failed a required module in any semester will be placed on scholarship probation. Should the student fail another required module in the following semester, his/her scholarship may be discontinued.


Graduating students must attain a minimum C grade for their capstone modules to pass. Students who fail to attain the minimum grade must reschedule the recital/project.