4.5    Student Admission

Student admission will be determined through a combination of audition and interview with each candidate, making sure to determine if the combined music performance and professional studies programme is appropriate for the goals and aspirations of each applicant. Applicants generally will need to have successfully completed a Bachelor of Music or equivalent degree from an approved institution of higher education in music.

Those students who have completed either the BMus course at YSTCM, or an approved BMus course at an accredited institution of higher education, and have completed their undergraduate degree with a CAP result equivalent of 3.5 or higher, may have up to 20 MCs credited toward the first semester of their Master of Music degree. These “fast-tracked-entry” students will be required to complete 60 MCs in approved modules over 3 semesters, the successful performances of all juries and recitals, and maintain a minimum CAP of 3.0 in their degree.