4.6    Examination / Assessment

The MMus degree will take advantage of continuing assessment in the performance, composition and pedagogical/professional development components of the curriculum. For the performance/composition component, each student will be assigned a major study teacher in their relevant performance study area and will meet on a one-on-one basis at least once weekly during the course. The major study teacher will supervise all aspects of the performance/composition portfolio for the student and provide assistance and advice with all issues related to the course.

Students will have two smaller-scale juried performance events (in the first and third semesters of enrolment) and two major recitals (in the second and fourth semesters of enrolment) for the assessment of their practical performance component. In addition,regular practical and theoretical projects and examinations will take place throughout the degree to support the performance and professional development instruction.

The professional studies modules will also incorporate continuing assessment, including regular classroom projects as well as “in field” experience (i.e. student teaching rounds, internships with various professional ensembles, etc.)

Students will also be assessed in their teacher training activities, both with Conservatory students as well as those in local Singaporean high schools where the Conservatory has a ongoing relationship in the professional development of undergraduate students at YSTCM.