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Yale-NUS College is a landmark partnership between Yale University and the National University of Singapore.  Drawing on the resources and traditions of two great universities, Yale-NUS offers a full residential programme that integrates living and learning in the liberal arts and sciences.

A Yale-NUS College education emphasises broad-based, interdisciplinary learning across the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities complemented by depth of expertise in one’s major. The curriculum and pedagogy draws on the strengths of established liberal arts and sciences traditions, while introducing Yale-NUS College students to the diverse intellectual traditions and cultures of Asia and the world. Yale-NUS College aims to nurture young minds and equip them with the means to appreciate and understand the breadth and complexity of issues, the capacity to think critically and solve problems, and the skills to effectively communicate and lead.

Experiential learning is an integral pillar of the educational experience at Yale-NUS College. With Asia as the jumping off point, the world will be the students’ campus and they will have access to a wide range of experiences and a global portfolio of opportunities. The rich cocurricular and international experiences offered at Yale-NUS College are designed to enhance the students’ academic learning, broaden their perspectives and hone the skills and character they need to succeed as students today and leaders tomorrow.

Yale-NUS College was launched in April 2011 and enrolled its inaugural class of 150 students in August 2013. The College continues to expand the diversity and global nature of its student body, which comprises more than 900 students from over 70 countries across 6 continents in 2019. Over 600 students from the College’s first four cohorts have graduated, and are living and working across five continents in cities as diverse as Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Stockholm and Sydney, in addition to Singapore.

In 2015, Yale-NUS College moved to its dedicated campus, located next to the NUS University Town to the north of the NUS main campus at Kent Ridge. The campus hub of Yale-NUS comprises a library with a variety of study spaces, a computer room with state-of-the-art technology, a black box theatre and performance hall, art and dance studios, science laboratories, student facilities, and three residential colleges, each with a unique identity. Formal learning in the classrooms is amplified and discussions flow beyond the classroom walls to the dining hall, common lounges, or courtyard, truly fostering a community of learning, with learning and living intertwined.

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College Vision
A community of learning,
Founded by two great universities,
In Asia, for the world.

College Mission
Yale-NUS College, a residential college located in Singapore, aims to redefine liberal arts and science education for a complex, interconnected world.

A Community of Learning
We are a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and supporters, dedicated to building a community in which living and learning are intertwined and habits of creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking are encouraged. Our innovative curriculum integrates knowledge from across the disciplines and around the world.

Founded by two great universities
An intimate liberal arts college, dedicated to undergraduate education, Yale-NUS draws on the resources and traditions of two great universities. We pursue excellence through innovative teaching and research, and we provide global opportunities for our students.

In Asia
Our location at the crossroads of Asia informs our pedagogy. Drawing on active modes of learning associated with American liberal arts education, we introduce our students to the diverse intellectual traditions and cultures of Asia and the world.

For the world
We educate citizens of the world and uphold the principles of free exchange of ideas, pluralism, and respect for diversity.  Our extra-curricular and residential programmes support student learning and encourage an ethic of service. By our example, we seek to spur innovation in higher education across the globe.

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