3.4.1    Leadership Programmes

A key component of experiential learning at Yale-NUS College is the leadership certificate: a multi-year sequence of opportunities available to every student to learn and apply leadership skills. Students develop their leadership practice through non-credit coursework, student-designed projects, study abroad programs, internships and public interest and community service programs. These experiences are designed to develop students’ self-awareness, enhance their ability to collaborate in teams and commit to a common purpose. The certificate aims to produce leaders who drive positive change in their respective communities, regardless of their chosen field of interest.

Students enrolled in the leadership certificate also have unique opportunities to meet distinguished leaders from government, business, NGOs and academia and learn from their experiences. They receive personal coaching from the professionals at the Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) and practice action learning in small groups of their peers for the entire duration of the certificate.

You can find more details about the certificate here.