3.4    Special Programmes

The World Is the Campus

The Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) is the Yale-NUS student’s gateway to the world. Through the Centre, students will be able to identify and pursue learning opportunities that are aligned with their academic pursuits, broaden their perspectives, and hone the skills they need to succeed as today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders. The Centre will also bring the world to Yale-NUS’s doorstep, arranging for innovative leadership programming, inviting distinguished visitors across disciplines, and hosting signature events that will afford students a kaleidoscope of perspectives for framing their education and envisioning their future plans.

Taking the Yale-NUS Education on the Road

Linking learning and living is an integral part of a Yale-NUS education, and CIPE will offer an array of opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and sharpen their education on the edges of the real world. The Centre and its dedicated team of advisors will work with every Yale-NUS student from his or her arrival on campus to identify and pursue learning opportunities that are aligned with personal values and development goals, offering programming and services in the following areas:

  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Service Learning and Civic Engagement
  • International Summer Sessions
  • Language and Cultural Immersion Programmes
  • Internships and Fellowships
  • Research Attachments
  • Study Abroad and Exchange
  • Career Development and Placement Support
  • Graduate and Professional School Advising
  • Alumni Career Services

CIPE advisors, familiar with assessment and self-reflection tools, will provide support for navigating these opportunities, help students identify areas for improvement and connect each student with the best matches for maximizing his or her growth. Emphasis will be placed on transformative experiences that might shape one’s academic interests, influence one’s career path, and allow students to explore and go beyond their comfort zones. The Centre will offer guidance in how to choose the right opportunity and support for each student’s intellectual, professional, and personal development during and after the experience.

Gaining an International Perspective

Students have the opportunity to gain international perspectives by participating in programming such as:

  • Interning with a leading Singaporean or multinational company or with a regional NGO.
  • Studying abroad at a wide variety of partner institutions and programmes across Asia, Europe, the Americas and beyond.
  • Participating in innovative signature offerings such as Social Impact Bootcamp and the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp which offers hands-on experience and training with trained practitioners on converting ideas into an actual business.
  • Taking part in a wide range of Yale Summer Sessions held at Yale and around the world.