3    The Learning Experience

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The learning experience at Yale-NUS College is intensive and carefully designed, to expose students to a range of core courses while preserving the flexibilities necessary to encourage independent exploration. The curriculum requires students to study both Western and Asian traditions in the humanities and social sciences, with equally strong and significant engagement with the natural sciences. The rigor of the curriculum encourages students to question relentlessly, think broadly, analyse problems carefully, and evaluate consequences. Students’ classroom experiences will be augmented by a wide range of co-curricular activities such as internships, study abroad opportunities and student organisations, as well as the virtually limitless opportunities they will have as members of the college residential community to study, talk, exercise and engage with one another and their faculty mentors.

Teaching will take place primarily in small, seminar-style classes, with a strong emphasis on intellectual engagement and interaction, thus fostering and encouraging the intellectual habits of curiosity, critical inquiry, and creative thinking in students.

The residential college system has proven an ideal context for liberal arts education at Yale and other leading universities in the United States. Residential colleges are living and learning communities that promote personal and intellectual growth while cultivating citizenship and leadership. The Yale-NUS College consists of three residential colleges.  Students will live in and become active members of one of these three residential colleges during their four years in Yale-NUS College. Headed by a Rector and Assistant Dean, each residential college will develop a distinctive culture. Students are required to live on campus for the full duration of their candidature.

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