4.2    Financial Matters

Yale-NUS College is committed to making our unique living and learning experience financially accessible to all of our students. Our Financial Aid programme offers substantial support for students from a variety of backgrounds and this contributes to the diverse exposure our students experience both in and out of the classroom. All students admitted to Yale-NUS, regardless of citizenship, will have their full demonstrated need met by the College without required loans. Yale-NUS applicants who are Singapore citizens will be considered for admission without regard to financial need

Due to a deep applicant pool, a select yet significant portion of international and Singapore Permanent Resident students will receive financial aid based on demonstrated need. International and Singapore Permanent Resident students must apply for financial aid at the time of admission application in order to qualify for financial aid in subsequent years.

The College’s admissions process continues to value the diversity that enriches our community. Admission to Yale-NUS will be based on each student’s prior achievement and promise for success at the college.

We believe financing your education comes with being able to plan for future costs. As such, Yale-NUS fees are cohort-based, ensuring your fees are the same in Year 4 as they are in Year 1. No surprise increases! For those with Singapore National Service obligations, you will pay tuition fees relevant to the year you accept our offer of admission.

Tuition Grant

The Tuition Grant (TG) Scheme is offered by the Government of Singapore to international and Singapore permanent resident students pursuing a course of study at Yale-NUS. The TG Scheme offers a subsidised tuition rate (as outlined below) and comes with a three-year work obligation upon graduation. In order to satisfy the work obligation, students must work for a Singapore entity or an overseas affiliate while remaining on the Singapore payroll. All earnings within the three-year work period will be kept by the student.

Where the three-year obligation is not fulfilled, students will pay liquidated damages (pro-rated) to the Singapore Ministry of Education, equivalent in value to the total TG/subsidy provided to the student throughout his/her course of study at Yale-NUS.

For more information, please visit Yale-NUS Admissions & Financial Aid’s website and view this page on Financial Matters.

Residential College Fees

All students at Yale-NUS live on campus in one of our three distinctive Residential Colleges. This includes a single room situated within a suite and 19 meals a week in a Yale-NUS dining hall.

Miscellaneous Student Fees

Miscellaneous Student Fees contribute to the cost of student activities, health services and insurance, campus shuttle services and other services incurred by all students.


Yale-NUS fees are cohort-based, which means your fees will not increase on an annual basis. For updated information please visit the Yale-NUS Admissions and Financial Aid website.