4.1    Admissions

The College employs a holistic approach to the evaluation of applicants.

Yale-NUS College students will be those who possess:

  • a strong record of academic achievement
  • demonstrated leadership potential
  • an appetite to become critical thinkers capable of rigorous and insightful analysis
  • the skills to communicate effectively and engage meaningfully with fellow students
  • the motivation to stretch their capacities and make the best use of the College’s extraordinary resources, both academic and non-academic
  • genuine appreciation for different perspectives and individuals with different backgrounds, interests, and ambitions
  • consideration for others and an interest to serve broader society
  • the resilience, flexibility, and leadership skills to solve problems and function as high-performing change agents in a variety of demanding careers.

Applicants are required to provide the following information:

  • Yale-NUS accepts online applications only. Applicants can apply to Yale-NUS using any ONE of the following three options.  Candidates are evaluated the same way regardless of the application method they choose. However, we recommend that students choose the application method that makes the most sense to their specific situation.  Each of these applications asks candidates to submit personal information, co-curricular achievements, short answers and two personal essays.
    1. Yale-NUS Application – if candidate is applying to Yale-NUS, and no other US schools
    2. Common Application with Yale Supplement – if candidate is interested in applying to both Yale and Yale-NUS at the same time
    3. Common Application with Yale-NUS Supplement – if candidates is interested in applying to Yale-NUS and a variety of other US schools that accept the ‘common application’
  • Transcripts or Academic Reports from a school official/counselor from the last three years in school. We understand that at the point of application, some applicants may only be able to submit predicted scores or preliminary grades.
  • Two teacher recommendation letters from instructors who taught the applicant in academic subjects. When you fill out the application form, you will be asked to provide an email address for each of your teachers/school official/counselor. They will then be sent an email request to complete an online recommendation form for you.
  • Standardized Tests:
    • Applicants schooled in Singapore or in countries that do not offer the SAT, such as China, do not have to submit standardized tests as part of their application
    • All other applicants must submit the SAT or the ACT
    • All students may, of course, submit standardized tests to bolster their application if desired
    • Yale-NUS’ CEEB code is 7003 for the SAT and 5482 for the ACT
  • English language testing scores: Not all international applicants need to take an English proficiency test such as TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE. But we do expect our Yale-NUS students to be able to understand rapid, idiomatic English and to express themselves easily in both spoken and written English. If English is not your first language, please see our Application Checklist page for information about language proficiency requirements at Yale-NUS.
  • Updated academic credentials after time of application. This update should be submitted only if applicants receive new grades in the middle of the school year or as soon as A-level examinations results are available. Many applicants do not need to send us this form.

Optional documents include:

  • Resume
  • A scanned copy of the front and back of the applicant’s NRIC (for Singapore citizens or Singapore PRs) OR the particulars page of the applicant’s passport (for international applicants).

Please check the Admissions website for application deadlines in each round.