3.5    USP Career Services

The USP Career Services is committed to support students to be career-ready, from when they first enter USP as freshmen to their transition to USP alumni.  In recognising the value of early career exploration, the USP Career Services adopts an open and personalised approach with a focus on active engagement with students, industry partners and alumni. This involves initiating discovery of students’ self-awareness and career inclination, partnering with USP alumni mentors to guide students in career exploration, equipping students with career competencies and understanding the industry partners’ talent acquisition needs to explore internship and career opportunities for the students.

We seek to help students make informed decisions about their future – be it pursuing a career in the private sector, public sector, social services sector, non-governmental or non-profit organisations, becoming an entrepreneur or pursuing graduate studies – by providing them with personalised career coaching and guidance to support their career aspirations.

Among the recent graduates of the USP, more than one-third go on to pursue postgraduate studies at both local and overseas universities, including top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Imperial, Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, London School of Economics, Tsinghua, Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. USP alumni have been recipients of the Fulbright scholarships and awards. Others find employment in major organisations in the private and public sectors, with many holding prestigious management associate appointments.